Review of: Contour Ab Belt

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On June 16, 2012
Last modified:February 18, 2013


Decent choice for an ab belt.

Important Update 2/18/2012: While I do like the Contour Ab Belt, I highly recommend the Flex Belt over the Contour for the reasons seen below and also because it can be purchased cheaper with the coupon here.

The Flex Belt is superior to the Contour Ab Belt for these three reasons:

  1. Power Source – The Flex Belt has a rechargeable battery and saves a lot of money by not having to worry about new batteries.
  2. Price – The Contour is $199.99 while the Flex Belt is $179.99 with the coupon code => FLEX10OFFPRIORITY
  3. Quality – They each produce similar results, but the Flex Belt is constructed much better than the Contour Ab Belt. The flex belt has a slender design and makes it much easier to sit down with.

My Contour review continues below and my Flex Belt review can be read here


With all of the promising things being advertised by the Contour abs Belt being advertised on television, I was curious enough to purchase the product to see whether it would be able to help me contour my abs through abdominal stimulation as claimed.

According to the company, the product uses the exact same muscle stimulation technology that physiotherapists use to rehabilitate their patients who are suffering from abdominal and back muscle issues, and it is approved by the FDA. It is supposed to be able to help many Tone & Contour abs muscles for a more intense and concentrated workout. In fact, according to the company, after a 6 week clinical trial, all of the participants were able to see some type of result from the product.

I was skeptical at first [this was my first ab belt, the flex belt (which is slightly cheaper at $180) being my 2nd], and decided to purchase the product in order to see whether it would be able to provide the results that it claimed to work. I had some flab on my stomach that I would have been more than happy to get rid of especially with summer on the way, so I shelled out the $15 for the trial to see whether I could get decent abs in an easier way.

Although the machine is in no way considered as miracle equipment that made me look like the hulk, I have to admit that I was able to see some progress upon using it, and it did help me contour and tone my muscles in a way. It requires additional physical exercise and proper diet in order for users to get the ideal body, but the Contour abs Belt is definitely an asset for those who are interested in getting some results without having to do anything.

Upon setting the intensity to 40/40 range which is the most recommended, I was already able to feel some type of contraction in my oblique and all down my abdominal muscles. As I increased the intensity, I was able to feel the workout even more, and I was able to see some type of results after several weeks. My abs felt like they were more toned, and looked fit however, I wouldn’t say that it was exactly able to give me amazing-looking abs in a short period of time. I have some increased the intensity level, and continue to do so every week. There are some pros and cons regarding the product.



The Contour abs Belt can be used at any time, and can be easily incorporated into one’s schedule. All that is needed is for users to put on the belt, and go about their daily activities. I was able to use the Contour abs Belt while I was doing chores in my own home which made it amazingly easy to get some contour and shape on my abs.


The Contour abs Belt is able to contour and provide results in a reasonable short period of time, and most important it actually works! It might not be a miracle program, but I was actually able to see some good results from it.


The Contour abs Belt has 10 plateau busting programs, and 150 different intensities. 150 different contractions in each half an hour session is present and those who purchase the product will be able to see some type of results from the customizations. It is able to feel the different power levels on muscle stimulation.


The belt is perfect for anyone – even for those with back problems. It has been known to be able to use electric muscle stimulation in order to provide outstanding results. It’s gentle on the muscles while being able to provide an actual workout. The belt is even suitable for new moms according to the product description!

Good Money Back and Warranty System:

The Contour abs Belt Company offers incredible protection to their users, and they are able to get a refund on the product if it was not considered satisfactory or able to meet their expectations and needs. Refunds are given with no questions asked which is great for some people.

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Requires Exercise and Healthy Dieting:

The Contour abs Belt isn’t a miracle machine. It will require users to also exercise and maintain a healthy diet in order to see results. The Contour abs Belt simply assists users by toning and contouring the muscles.


Some users will need to wash the Contour abs Belt regularly. While my friend reported that she didn’t notice that strong of a smell, it definitely made me sweat which is where the smell came from

The Contour abs Belt is a great asset for those who are looking to contour, shape and tone their abdominal muscles. It is easy to use, and extremely convenient to use as well making it one of the more recommended products on the market. While it does work, it isn’t exactly a miracle, and those looking to get amazing looking abs will want to exercise as well and have a healthy diet.

Decent choice for an ab belt.