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flex belt accessoriesThe Flex Belt is an EMS ab belt that works through electronic stimulation of your abs. It contracts and releases your abs, working your upper abs, lower abs and obliques.  It costs $199.99 but I was able to get it for $179.99 (plus free shipping) using this coupon ==> FLEX10OFFEXPRESS <== (discount is automatically applied at checkout). There is no assembly other than placing the pads on, but they are adhesive backed and it is dead simple. It feels sturdy, it is well stitched, and just looks and feels like a wide belt, but it is contoured slimmer on the sides, so when you bend or stretch sideways it doesn’t interfere with you or your clothing. It has Velcro adjustability, so there is no big bulky buckle. The quality of construction is very high, it feels very durable, but not heavy.

WARNING! The Flex Belt does work but you must follow a consistent routine if you want to see results. Start by identifying the places where you can use it i.e. in the office while using the computer, in the kitchen while making dinner, on the couch while watching TV, etc. Then create a daily schedule like this:

Mon: 45 min during son’s soccer game

Tues: 30 min while watching TV

Weds: 30 min while watering the plants outside

And so on… If you write this down somewhere, you will be more likely to use the belt on a consistent basis thus producing great results.

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I also liked that there were no batteries needed. When you get the Flex Belt, you plug in the remote, let it charge, and then you are up and running. There are 3 gel pads that ensure a great connection from the electrodes to your muscles, and keep your skin moist. You have to replace these pads every 30 to 40 workouts, which means about every 30 to 40 days since you will probably be using it once a day. They run about $10 to $15 for 3, but you can buy in sets of 6 or 9 and get a better price. At first I wasn’t too thrilled about buying replacement pads every month, but when you think about it, this keeps the contacts fresh and guaranteed to make a good connection with your muscle. You can also extend the life of the gel pads by a few more weeks by simply  cleaning them with hand sanitizer after your workout.

The way you control the Flex Belt is with the attached remote control. It is not wireless, but don’t worry, there aren’t wires running everywhere. There is a pouch on the belt that you tuck the remote safely in when you are not using it, and it is not bulky or bothersome, you don’t even know it’s there. The intensity level goes from 1 to 150, so you could literally go from zero to hero, eventually. I recommend starting slow, like I did, until you are comfortable with the operation, then slowly increasing the intensity.

Also, as a bonus, you get 30 days of meal planning online, which is nice. Like all electro-ab belts, it doesn’t burn fat, so a meal planner is good because it keeps your diet in check. They also sell a Flex Mini and a Flex arms, and the rechargeable power supply works for both of those, so you don’t have to pay for another power supply. You get the Flex Belt, rechargeable power supply, a belt extension for those of us with waists over 44 inches, and an instruction manual.

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Bought It

Mar 08, 2013 by Ellen

I bought the flex belt ab belt and so far it is everything that is advertised ! I love it and it gets me motivated to get in shape .
Thank you

Thank You Flex Belt!

Jul 01, 2012 by Erin

I always had a big waistline, and I don’t know why. The fat used to accumulate at the waist area and not anywhere else. I was not fat but the fat that was at my waist area made me look so bad. I couldn’t wear my dresses properly with that waist bulging out. I had tried so many things like protein health shakes and I also tried jogging everyday and doing sit up crunches but the fat did not seem to go anywhere. If I ate anything fatty, the fat used to go straight to my belly and I was back to square one. I needed something that could decrease my fat to a minimum and also maintain it there. Then, one day, I found the product I was searching for so long, it is the Flex Belt.

There is no assembling or wiring required. All you need to do is open the package, place the gel pads and you are ready to start your workout. There are absolutely no batteries needed with this belt, which means you have no need to replace the batteries. You just need to plug the belt and it will get recharged. There is a remote provided with this belt, which can be used to control the belt. There is a pouch on the belt itself that has been provided for keeping the remote safely at the waist.

Having The Flex Belt with me means that I can work out even while I am on the move for grocery shopping or while cooking dinner. My waist size has decreased considerably and the credit goes to Flex Belt.

Skeptical at first...

May 25, 2012 by Alan

One of my friends recently told me about the flex belt, which they said can tone up the abs if I wear it for approximate 30 minutes every day. Well, I was skeptical at first but I thought of ordering it anyways, and boy, I had all my doubts about the belt vanish within days.

The belt is brilliant when it comes to giving results. I wear it for about 30 minutes every day while I am watching TV, or maybe reading a book, or going for a walk, and I could see the results within a few days. Moreover, if I continue it this way, I am sure I will get toned up abs soon. The belt works by electronically contracting and releasing the muscles of the abs, which means that I do not have to do any rigorous exercises, and still I will get those toned up abs. Isn’t that amazing!

not bad for toning...

May 20, 2012 by geoff

i am a kind of person who is always concerned about my health. i always eat the right amount of food and exercise daily because i do know that without your health you are not yourself. i always wanted to try ab machine that would tone up my abs and one of my buddies told me about the flex belt.

the belt is really good so far! it fits very snugly at the waist as a velcro adjustable strap has been provided and i can even make it smaller as my waist size changes. the belt is pretty much hassle free cuz there no batteries needed with the belt. this is because the belt gets charged from the main power supply and it has no weird wires running all over me. wearing the belt makes me feel comfortable and it easily does its work too. i would recommend it to anyone who wants to bring their abs to another level.

works pretty good!

May 15, 2012 by Anna Yang

Overall, I have a pretty petite body frame. I don't consider myself fat, but there are certain areas on my body that I wanted to change... such as my belly. It has always been a problem area for me and no matter what I do, it would still be somewhat flabby.

Well, a friend had recommended this product to me, saying that it worked for him and how easy it was to use... and he was right! I can now use the Flex Belt whenever I'm watching TV or when I'm surfing the internet at home. I've been using it consistently for about 2 months now, and found that my abs are more defined, and my flab has lessened quite noticably.

As for the product itself, I find that even though it fits me a little big (like I said before, I have a petite frame), I was able to adjust it to fit me well. It was quite comfortable to put on and leave on. But because it doesn't look flattering under my clothes, I usually use the Flex Belt at home only. There was once where I wore it to the grocery store, but I had worn a baggy tee over it to conceal it.

Overall, great product. I look forward to seeing more results as I continue to use it!

Really diggin this slick gadget

May 10, 2012 by Jett Stephens

I am a busy man as I work a lot and my job is such that it does not leave much time for other things. All this was affecting my health as my waist size was just increasing inch-by-inch, as the days were passing by. Moreover, I couldn’t seem to do anything about it as most of my time was spent in the office. I even joined the gym, went there regularly for about a week but it was too much for me and I couldn’t continue with it because my work timings interfered with the workout times. Well, I was getting really worried about my health and one day a friend told me about “The Flex Belt”. As I was frustrated regarding my weight, I went and ordered one for me right away.

However, the Flex Belt was a perfect product for me. I simply loved it! The best feature of this product is that I can even use it while I am travelling. I sometimes even use it when I’m working. It is a hassle free experience and there are no batteries required. It is as simple as it gets. When the belt gets discharged you can just plug in the remote and once it gets recharged you will be up and running. There are 3 gel pads, which will keep your skin a little moist to keep a connection between the belt and your skin. What it does is that it will stimulate the muscles of your abs and that is how you will get a toned body.

The belt is very comfortable at the waist. It just feels like a simple wide belt around your waist but the belt is pretty slim on the sides so that while wearing the belt I still can have easy movement from side to side. The belt will fit to your waist as it has got Velcro adjustability and as your waist gets smaller and smaller you can also adjust The Flex Belt to make it smaller.

Reasonably satisfied

Apr 21, 2012 by Erika

My friends told me about this new belt which will work on your abs, called as “The Flex Belt” and as I keep on trying new stuff, I thought I’ll give it a try. Well, I will say that The Flex Belt is pretty decent.

I am a fitness freak, however, I don’t go to the gym but I wake up early in the morning, go for jogs, and do yoga and also calisthenics. I eat healthy all day and my breakfast usually only consists of fruits. But still, for no reason at all, there was a little fat at my waist. It wasn’t exactly toned up. So, I thought of buying fitness equipment that will make my abs toned up.

I went and ordered The Flex Belt right away. I was really happy with what came in my package. The belt was pretty comfortable around the waist and there was no restriction of movement when I wore it. I could bend easily from side to side and I noticed that the belt was much slimmer at the sides. I loved this feature. And also, the belt works without a battery, which means no worrying about batteries. I just have to plug in the remote, let it charge for a while and then I can start working out again. One thing which I also loved is that there are no unnecessary wires running around you. The whole thing is very simple and comfortable.

However, a feature that I did not like about this product is that I will have to spend $10 to $15 every month for replacing the gel pads, which come with the belt. These gel pads are the ones, which make a contact between the belt and the muscles of your abs. Other than that, the product is really nice and so I would give it 4 stars out of 5.

The Flex Belt , USA 4.4 5.0 7 7 I bought the flex belt ab belt and so far it is everything that is advertised ! I love it and it gets me motivated to get in shape .Thank you